Sponsor Opportunities

The International Conference -- ICEDEG, offers the opportunity to build relationships with universities, companies, public sector and experts from all around the world, in the field of eDemocracy and eGovernment. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor in the Conference Series, please fill in the this form and send it back to us via email: sponsors@edem-egov.org

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Online Registration and Payment for Sponsors

Additionally, you can use our platform to send the form and to do the payment online. To do so, you can choose the type of sponsorship you, and your compnay/organization, are interested in. Use the Sign In option in the following table and proceed the payment. 


Details Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Diamond
Flyer 1 Yes Yes Yes No No
Online Visivility2

Yes Yes Yes Yes
Public Mention3 Yes Yes Yes
Certificate4 Yes Yes Yes
Free Passes5 1 2 3
Printed Logos6 Yes Yes
Physical Visibility7 Yes
Prices $1000 $2000 $3000 $4000 $5000


  1. Flyer – A flyer to advertise your company, placed in each conference and seminar bag.
  2. Online Visibility – The logo of your company looping on the conference and seminar Web site, with a link to your company's Web site.
  3. Public Mention – A mention in the opening speech (conference and seminar) for your contribution.
  4. Certificate – A certificate of appreciation for your contribution towards the conference and seminar.
  5. Free Passes – 3 free passes to the conference and seminar.
  6. Printed Logos – The logo of your company in the printed material of the seminar and proceedings of the conference. 
  7. Physical Visibility – A stand in the registration area to promote your company and products.

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24 - 26 June 2024
Lucerne, Switzerland

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We are ICEDEG - a series of conferences organized annually in the area of eDemocracy & eGovernment.


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