Call for Expression of Interest - ICEDEG Venue 2019

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The Organizing Committee (OC) of the annual professional conference on electronic democracy and electronic  government is interested to seek expressions of interest from potential academic, development and government partners to start discussion for possible selection of a venue for the 2019 eDem & eGov conference.

The OC is in particular encouraging bids for the 2019 conference from regions in Central and South America countries.  

Expressions of interest should provide brief information as following:

  • A one-page summary of the mission and structure of the lead organization which is interested in discussing hosting this conference in 2019.
  • A one-page summary of potential relevant institutions and collaborators (academic, development, government or international organizations) whom the lead organization may wish to bring in as stakeholders or partners
  • A one-page summary of potential existing financial / venue / staff and/or other resources and potential sponsors identified for the event.

After receipt of the responses to this call (deadline: 1 February 2018), the OC will invite up to three candidates to prepare a full bid document to be submitted before 1 March 2018. Guidelines for preparing a full document will be provided by end of February 2018. Final selection and designation of the host institution and country will take place on 15 March and an invitation for the host to attend 2018 conference in Ecuador in April 2018.  

The Expression of Interest should be addressed to:

Prof. Dr. Luis Terán

Founder and Program Chair – ICEDEG
Email: |


Dr. Saleem Zoughbi, Communication Chair, 

Note: To obtain further information and guidance or to submit a letter expressing interest in organizing the 2019 eDem & eGov conference please contact Dr. Saleem Zoughbi, Communication Chair,

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