Keynote 2 - Juan Gustavo Corvalán

PROMETEA. Artificial Intelligence to Transform Public Organizations 


We are going through the Fourth Industrial Revolution that places us in a scenario of profound transformation in what we do and in what we are. This monumental change, in essence, responds to two major intertwined phenomena: 1) the radical mutation of the time and space notions from massive use of (ICT) and 2) new ways of data and information processing within many activities that before could only be done by our brains. The relationship between citizens and public organizations has been a kind of procession of offices, papers, files, records, physical transfer to multiple buildings, forming queues and requests to speak with a manager or a boss. A sort of “bureaucratic purgatory”. Arising from the Internet, more sophisticated computers, the development of digital portals, mobile applications and social networks, the public sector of this 21st century has intensified the migration towards digitalization that improves and transforms the time/space - bureaucracy/citizenship binomials by empowering and updating three supra guiding principles: optimization, simplification and facilitation. Faced with these vertiginous and disruptive scenarios, public institutions are facing multiple risks, challenges and opportunities: How to adapt them when the design is based on an industrial world without internet, digital platforms, social networks, Artificial Intelligence systems, and robots? How can one take advantage of the emerging technologies to transform the printed bureaucracy into an authentic digital Government, Administration, and Justice transformation?



Juan Gustavo Corvalán is Co-Director of the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of the University of Buenos Aires. Postdoctoral candidate at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and visiting professor in the same University. Deputy Attorney General in Contentious Administrative and Tax Office of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Author of 5 books. First Latin American author to publish in the Annual Study of the French Council of State (year 2017 “L'algorithme et les droits del 'homme”). General Director of the “Prometea experience” implementation at the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and in the Constitutional Court of Colombia. Coordinator of the agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank (BID/ INTAL) and the Innovation and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, for collaboration and academic coordination, technical and research on Artificial Intelligence in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has spoken at the UN, at the OAS, Oxford University, at the European Union Agency of Fundamental Rights, among other institutions and universities.


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