Session 15 - Doctoral Symposium



Abstract: The goal of this research is to design a Require- ments Meta-Architectural Model for eGovernment Information Systems. The main issue when performing requirements analysis for information system is that software requirements are just one of the components that need to be analyzed as a part of an integrated eGovernment Information System. Thus, there is a need of a meta-architectural model that guides the analysis of all the relevant requirements from the citizens’ perspective in order to maximize citizens’ satisfaction and trust in the eGovernment Information Systems and the Government itself. 

Authors: Jorge Villarroel-Ramos 


Abstract: This research aims to characterize and determine the interactions of the cognitive processes involved in the resolu- tion of geometry problems, which require either a mathematical test or the finding of the value of a geometric element, in a pencil and paper environment. This study particularly concentrates in characterizing the relation of the processes of visualization and the processes of theoretical discursive reasoning. For this end, the research analyzes a set of answers produced by engineering students for a collection of geometry problems. The results show, on one hand, the influence of the initial configurations, which are attached to the statements of the problems of the relevant identified subconfigurations, as well as of the subsequent modifications made to them in the structuring of the theoretical discourse. On the other hand, it has been possible to characterize the functioning of the discourse of engineering students when solving problems of plane geometry with pencil and paper. 

Authors: Ruth Cueva


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