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Hashem Hamed AlMansoori

Versatile and highly accomplished global technocrat offering over 34 years’ experience in conceptualizing and delivering complex IT/ICT, e/i/s-Gov. and m- GIS projects and defining IT/e/s-Gov strategies. Technically astute and visionary thinker with dynamic leadership and entrepreneurial skills, managing various facets or undertakings. Inspirational leader and out-of-the-box thinker, utilizing collaborative approaches in work to translate goals into achievement while demonstrating strong analytical, problem solving, and decision making skills with a passion for excellence in quality and services provided.

Selected by the UN and Arab League as one of the e/s-Government / technology leaders in the ME and GCC in 2006.

Main Credentials:

  • Doctorate in ICT (Information Tech/Hardware, Software & Network)-UK (1997);
  • Doctorate in Islamic Successful Dealing with Affairs of Enmity of Terrors (GCC, 2012);
  • Master in ICT (UK, 1992).
  • Master in Business Administration/MGMT/IT (Computer Information Sys.)-USA (1990);
  • BBA - Computer Information System, USA (1986).

Currently participating as Sr. Advisor, on the General Affairs and e/i/s-Gov. Systems in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, UAE; by Providing techno-commercial advisory services / solutions on the smart ICT / e-Gov./ s- applications. 



Spyros Kotoulas is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Ireland and the Manager of the Health and Person-Centered Systems research group. He is working on improving Healthcare and Social Care for vulnerable populations, aiming a better experience for the individual, increased effectiveness and reduced cost. His aspiration is to build personalised and person-centric systems that will positively disrupt the management and delivery of care.

His research interests lie in artificial intelligence and data management for semi-structured data, parallel methods for data intensive processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, flexible data integration methods and the Internet of Things.

He is the IBM PI for the ProACT project.

He has been part of the teams that won the third prize at the Billion Triple Challenge in 2008, the first prize at the IEEE Scale Chalenge in 2010 and the second prize at the Semantic Web Challenge in 2012.

Spyros was previously at the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where he has also completed his PhD in Scalable Peer-to-Peer Data Discovery and his MSc in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems.




Prof. Robert E. Kraut is the Herbert A. Simon Professor of Human-Computer Interaction in the School of Computer Science and Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University and one of the founding members of CMU's Human-Computer Interaction Institute. Previously he was a professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University and a research scientist at Bell Laboratories and Bell Communications Research.


Professor Kraut is a social psychologist with broad interests in the impact of computing and telecommunications on individuals, groups and organizations and ways to design them to improve human lives.  He has conducted empirical research on online communities, the social impact of the Internet, the design of information technology for small-group intellectual work and related topics.  Starting with his HomeNet project, he has spent over 15 years conducting research to understand how people’s use of technology influences their psychological well-being and personal relationships. His research on online communities combines careful empirical studies of communities with interventions and design ideas to improve them. This approach is illustrated in his book with Paul Resnick, Building Successful Online Communities: Evidence-Based Social Design.  His most recent research focuses on ways to improve productivity and creativity in online production.






Nuno Vasco Lopes is graduated in Electrical Engineering by the University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro in 1998, and obtained an MSc Degree in Telematics at the University of Vigo in 2003, a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of Minho in 2011 and a Post-Doc in Computer Science at the University of Coimbra in 2013. He is a professor at public and private universities since 1998 and he is currently working at the University of Minho and at the United Nations University. His current research interests are Smart Cities, Mobile Networks, Quality of Service, Real-Time Services, Vehicular Networks, Nano-Communication and Internet of Things. He is an IEEE Member of the IEEE Computer Society and IEEE Communications Society, Editor-in-Chief of the ACEEE (Ass. Computer Electronics and Electrical Engineers) International Journal of Communication, and Guest Editor in a Special Issue about Cloud Computing and Internet of Things in the Cluster Computing Journal, the Journal of Networks, Software Tools and Applications. Nuno Vasco Lopes is a researcher at the United Nations University Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance (UNU-EGOV) and a professor on a part-time basis at the University of Minho. Currently, he holds two Postdoctoral positions. One on Computer Science at the University of Coimbra and other on Electronic Governance at the United Nations University. Since 1998 he has been teaching several courses in the areas of computer science and mathematics in different public, private, national and international universities. During his working life, he has been involved in several national, European and international projects, such as Electronic Governance for Context-Specific Public Service Delivery, Knowledge Society Policy Handbook, Policy Monitoring on Digital Technology for Inclusive Education, Intelligent Computing for Internet and Services, Internet of Things for Disabled People, Smart Defence and Smart Cities for Sustainable Development. He also delivers on a regular basis professional courses, seminars, and workshops on ICT, e-learning, computer networks, cybersecurity, smart cities, amongst others.



Lorena Recalde is a Ph.D. candidate in the Information and Communication Technologies Web Research Group at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. She got an M.Sc. in Computer Science with an Advanced Information Processing specialization in 2014, from the University of Fribourg (joint master program with the Universities of Bern and Neuchâtel), Switzerland. Her undergraduate studies were in Computer Engineering (2003-2009) at the Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador.









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