Keynote 1 - Spyros Kotoulas

Artificial Intelligence in the service of citizens’ care 

Abstract: Attaining the highest possible health standard is a fundamental human right. At the same time, healthcare and social care systems are under immense pressure to provide better services with limited resources. Designing efficient, fair and democratic health systems that serve the needs of citizens is a huge challenge, since outcomes are dictated by more than medical care alone. In fact, socioeconomic, environmental and behavioural factors have a higher impact on individual health than healthcare and genetics. In this light, delivering effective care implies a holistic understanding of the citizens and the environment. The delivery of care relies on information coming from systems of record (e.g. EMRs), information collected by professionals (e.g. assessments), information about the environment and the social context and information collected by IoT devices, as well as a vast corpus of knowledge from the medical and social care domains. Artificial Intelligence transforms health and social solutions from data storage and workflow engines to intelligent systems working together with care teams. We will illustrate with some technology to help professionals capture the right information and make the best decisions and outline practical examples where the Semantic Web, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing come together to solve pressing problems.


Spyros Kotoulas is a Research Scientist at IBM Research Ireland and the Manager of the Health and Person-Centered Systems research group. He is working on improving Healthcare and Social Care for vulnerable populations, aiming a better experience for the individual, increased effectiveness and reduced cost. His aspiration is to build personalised and person-centric systems that will positively disrupt the management and delivery of care.

His research interests lie in artificial intelligence and data management for semi-structured data, parallel methods for data intensive processing, knowledge representation and reasoning, flexible data integration methods and the Internet of Things.

He is the IBM PI for the ProACT project.

He has been part of the teams that won the third prize at the Billion Triple Challenge in 2008, the first prize at the IEEE Scale Chalenge in 2010 and the second prize at the Semantic Web Challenge in 2012.

Spyros was previously at the Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Group at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where he has also completed his PhD in Scalable Peer-to-Peer Data Discovery and his MSc in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems.


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