Keynote 2 - Ernesto Kruger

The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Democratization of Information

Abstract: We live in a world, which is in a period of change, and it is converging between what reality and digital is, what is thought, what is designed and what is immediately created. This revolution digitizes all, it is disruptive, it is based on technology platforms and it especially democratizes all; based on a collaborative economy, sharing transparency and empowerment of people. This talk is about how we got here and the characteristics of this revolution and the future of it and its involvement in the field of government and society.




Ernesto Kruger is a Visionary, innovative conviction of new business models and new companies architect and generate new ideas, and serial entrepreneur. Founding Partner of Kruger Corporation from a suitcase and a beeper in 1993 currently one of the most recognized companies in high tech in Ecuador, with more than 500 projects developed for USA Ecuador, Hong Kong, Central America. Entrepreneur Award 2014 Ecuador endorsed by Leaders Magazine and Social Responsibility Award 2014 Government of Pichincha. National expert representing Ecuador for the WSA World Summit Award Speaker TEDEX. One of the largest employers in high tech Ecuador. Founder and CEO of KRUGERLABS Laboratory technological basis for the development of prototypes with a view to generating models based on business startups. Social responsibility arm KRUGER corp.
Expert in R & D + i (research, development and innovation). Consultant to the World Bank, Microsoft, UNDP, IDB. Winner of many awards at the enterprise level in USA, Argentina, Ecuador. Lecturer of entrepreneurship and case study in over 22 universities in Ecuador. Former President Ecuadorian Association of Software for several years. Former member of several directories such as Total Quality Corporation, Quito Technological Park, productive Markets, Merchantbansa
Director of the National Association of entrepreneurs ANDE. Representative Assembly members to Mutualista Pichincha, Jacaranda Club
Founder and board member of several companies such as ECUACERT (information security), TERATELECOM (telecommunications), EPTIC (consulting), ORANGETECH. Specialist strategy, processes, methodologies and project management information technology services. Specialist Strategy, processes and ICT, consultative sales and business consulting (25 years experience). Enterprise architect, specialist SOA (service-oriented architecture) and e-government.


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