Call for Workshop Proposals

ICEDEG 2023 is pleased to invite proposals for workshops to be held within the main conference. The goal of the workshops is to provide additional venues for discussing novel ideas as well as recent results of research in progress. The workshops will be dedicated to exploring the current status, challenges, and perspectives of eSociety, eGovernance, eParticipation, eDemocracy, eGovernment and eHealth, and future directions in achieving social and political innovation.

Researchers, policymakers, civil society representative, open data activist, and developer are invited to participate in the 3 thematic workshops that will facilitate cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary collaboration, enable participants to analyze real challenges, priorities issues, propose solutions and commit to taking action. We welcome contributions from a range of disciplines, such as public administration, political science, information systems, knowledge management, service management, economics, sociology, and law.

Different full-day and half-day workshop formats are possible, for example:

  • Workshop through a moderated discussion or breakout sessions, resulting in a draft paper or report to be completed and published after the workshop. Particular priority will be given to these formats which require the active involvement of the participants.
  • Traditional mini-conferences on specialized topics; such workshops typically have their own paper submission and review processes. 
  • Mini-competitions, hackathons or challenges around selected topics with individual or team participation are also highly welcome.

A workshop proposal should be a PDF document no more than 4 pages long, submitted by e-mail to and organized as follows:

  • Workshop title
  • A short description of the workshop including the rationale for the workshop and how and why it fits the audience of ICEDEG. This description should include also the topic, format, and details about what type of submission is requested from prospective attendees.
  • Name, email address, and affiliation for workshop chair(s) and a brief description of their experience in organizing such events.
  • Requested duration (half day or full day), and the expected number of participants.
  • Description of workshop activities. Outline how the workshop will be organized and how the time will be spent. In particular, please sketch how you will engage participants to foster more interactivity and engagement during the workshop.
  • For more interactive workshop formats, also outline the process of selecting or inviting the participants.
  • Description of plans for promoting the workshop and disseminating the results.
  • History of prior workshops on this topic, if any.
  • Submission deadline: January 31, 2023

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03 - 04 April 2023
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